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Welcome to the KOPA contact page!

We are listing our contact people on this page, if you have questions or need help please contact the person that can best help you.
Thank You,
The Kentucky Outdoor Press Association

Tom Clay

tom88 (42K)

 - Tom Clay, Presdent of the KOPA

Would you like to know more about Tom.
This is a link to Tom's Bio Click Here

 If you or your company would like to see the KOPA cover an event or you would like to contact the Outdoor Press for upcoming events.
Please contact Tom Clay click here to Email


Etta Pettijohn

 pat01 (42K)

 Etta Pettijohn, Vice Presdent of the KOPA

 Would you like to know more about Etta.
This is a link to Etta's Bio Click Here
Etta is the person that has been the go person when it comes to support members, she can help with almost any issue that's related to memberships Please contact Etta Pettijohn click here to Email


Chris "Trimmer" Erwin

 etta (42K)
Chris Erwin, Secretary & Webmaster of the KOPA
Would you like to know more about Chris
This is a link to Chris' Bio Click Here

 If you need help with Membership related issues or other matters related to KOPA business Please contact Chris.
Chris is also the webmaster for the KOPA and all questions that are related to the website should be directed to him. click here to Email

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